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My latest 5ft hare design is permanently on display as part of the Hare Festival Way in Cirencester, she is an autumn hare with autumn leaves falling and collecting at the bottom, hidden amongst the leaves are small creatures such as a frog and a hedgehog. In 2014 I was commissioned to decorate 2 hare sculptures for the Cirencester Hare Festival, one small one for Waitrose and a 5ft one for Corinium Hotel. To return to Public Art click here To return to my home page click here

Big Hare, Little Hare 2
Waitrose Hare in situ
Waitrose Hare 6
Waitrose Hare 4
Waitrose Hare 5
Waitrose Hare 3
Waitrose Hare
Big Hare, Little Hare
Waitrose Hare
Corinium Hotel Hare
Back of Hare
Corina the Hare
Laura Fearn & Hare
Corina the Hare & Girls
Autumn Hare
Autumn Hare
Autumn Hare
Autumn Hare
This hare is permanently on display in Cirencester as part of the Hare Festival Way. The theme is Au